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Ergonomic Office Chairs

While sitting requires less physical effort, it is surprising to learn that it puts more pressure on the spine, compared to standing or walking. Long sitting hours combined with a sedentary style of life can lead to some health complications. This is why ergonomic office chairs are essential in ensuring you stay healthy even after long sitting hours. Office chair is equal to gaming chairs, and both need to observe various aspects of ergonomics support proper posture and ensure the body is well balanced.

Must Have Ergonomic Features

Adjustable Parts

Adjustable chair parts allow users modify the chair to suit their specific sitting positions. Some necessary flexibleComputer table parts for any office chair include;

Seat Height and Depth Adjustments: Seat height adjustment is a standard requirement for gaming and office chairs. On the other hand, seat depth adjustment lets you benefit from the backrest and lumbar support. Wrong height and depth adjustments or lack of it often causes your hunch and also limits blood flow in the thighs.


A reclining seat helps relieve pressure off the lower back and improves blood circulation. As the backrest and seat lean back to a tilting position, you get to a reclining position. There are two types of tilting mechanisms; one gets your feet off the ground, and the other allows your feet remain on the ground.

Adjustable Armrests

This is not a standard feature as not everyone likes to use armrests in the first place. Two-directional (up and down) armrests are the most common. High-end brands will, however, offer 4- or even 5-directional armrest adjustments.

Back Tension Control & Lock: It is of particular importance for people with unusually arched backs as back tension influences how much force the backrest exert on the back. Allows users tighten or loosen the tension


For maximum comfort, most office chairs are made from leather or mesh. The mesh is an ideal choice for those that get sweaty as it is breathable while leather is good at retaining heat making it suitable for users that get long during long sitting hours.

Convenience Functions

Table with hanging lamps on topErgonomic office chairs should have easy to reach controls for stress-free adjustment process. Assembling it should also be fast and straightforward and so should be cleaning and caring for it. Features like casters which make moving around easy should be of the right quality and design if they are to be included.

While the above features help rate the ergonomics of a chair, the final decision on what to include and what to leave out will depend on individual needs and preferences.