How to Make Quality Coffee

The quality of the coffee you make is determined by the beans you use. Quality does not necessarily mean choosing the most expensive. The quality of the beans is determined more by their freshness. Freshly roasted beans, which are ground preferably before you brew your coffee, will give you high-quality coffee.

When purchasing your coffee beans, only buy enough of what you require, as storing them for a long time will make them lose their freshness.

Steps on making quality coffee

Use quality water

There is no reason to spend money on great coffee beans only to spoilCup of coffee the quality of coffee by using low-quality water. While tap water in some areas may be fresh and good tasting, in most parts it contains a foul taste and is loaded with chlorine.

These chemicals and tastes will be transferred to the coffee spoiling the taste. The secret on how to make good coffee is using fresh and clean water.

Use clean equipment

If you use an old brewer, there is a great chance that you will taste something weird in your cup. While making your coffee, always ensure that you use clean equipment and if possible, use something that is not too old.

Choose a good brewing method

While the beans and the water used determines the quality of the coffee, the method of brewing you choose is also very significant. There are several coffee brewing methods, and each of them is very important as it delivers a unique flavor.

Best coffee brewing methods
  1. Automatic drip – this is one of the most popular methods used to brew coffee in the United States. It’s made by pourCoffee beansing hot water slowly over grounds in a filter to give you a smooth and clear, high-quality coffee.
  2. Vacuum brewing – put the ground coffee on the funnel of the coffee maker and bring the water in the flask just close to boiling. The pressure of the steam will force the water into the funnel. Stir the coffee once the water is in the funnel and extinguishes the flame after about three minutes. The cooling of the mixture will separate the coffee and the grounds, the grounds on top and the coffee in the flask.
  3. French press – for every 3 ounces of hot water, add one tablespoon of ground coffee to the equipment. Stir the mixture slightly after 3 minutes. If the coffee grounds are fresh, they will create foam. Add more hot water and then separate the mixture after about three minutes to be left with a dense brew.