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Modern trends in house painting in Brookhaven

House painting trends keep changing every time. Each year we have new trends, and you might want to keep researching to come up with your favorite design. You need to understand the modern Brookhaven trends in house painting to keep your house as modern as possible. The type of paint that you have in your house has a big effect on the look of your house. Modern paint can make even an old house look new. For instance, Brookhaven Exterior Painting contractors use current trends in exterior paint. People are more focused in neutral and earth colors as opposed to the brighter colors used in the past.

House painting trends

Colour blocking technique

The color blocking technique is becoming a popular trend when it comes to modern house painting. In color blocking, the idea is to add some graphics to the initial color scheme. The graphics bring out an artistic effect to the walls. Most of the people prefer to use color blocking as part of the interior wall decorating. For color blocking, you need to get the services of a qualified and creative painter to bring out the art.

Different color of paint

Colour washing

Color washing is another interesting technique for people who want to add effects to their house. The role of color washing is to add texture to the house and create a cloudy effect to the walls. Color washing can be used to bathroom, bedrooms or meditation rooms. Color washing creates a specific environment depending on the color washing effect used in the home.

Stencil technique

The stencil technique is often confused with color blocking, but the two of them are very different. Just like the name suggests, you have to use a stencil to act as the outline when painting. Stencil techniques are very dramatic, and they are used for the more daring people. You can use the wall to the staircase or the kids’ rooms to create their fantasy.

wall painting using a paint roller

Faux finish effect

The faux finish effect is for the people who want to achieve a contemporary effect in their house. Using the faux finish effect, you can get the kind of effect that you want. The technique makes use of fine line when doing the painting. You can achieve a denim effect or even a textured effect using this painting technique.