gutter cleaning

Top DIY Gutter Cleaning Tips

Gutter cleaning can be quite dangerous. Is there a correct or right way to clean gutters? There is no particular way of cleaning gutters. The methods vary from one gutter cleaning company to another. The purpose of this article is not providing safety tips when doing gutter cleaning, but to tell you what to do if you decide to try it yourself. If you are not sure this is something to try, you should hire professional companies such as Clear Choice. In this way, you can have peace of mind knowing everything is under control.

Invest in the Right Tools

dirty gutterTo complete any task you need to have the right tools. You should get an extension ladder that is tall enough to get to the highest gutter in your home. It is a good idea to use a ladder stand-off to add stability and also keep the ladder of the gutters lest you damage them. Using a hammer re-nail all the loose gutter spikes. Also, you need a leaf blower to clear off the roof debris and disassemble the downspouts whenever needed.

Remove All Accessible Roof Debris

In this case, you need to start with the highest part of the roof and then work your way down. If you have a leaf blower, then your work will become a lot easier. The last thing you can do is to clean all the gutters and have the accumulated debris from the roof fill them up again.

Inspect the Roof

old gutterWhen you are up the roof clearing the debris, it is a good idea to inspect the roof. It is also quite easier than you think. Look for spots in the roof as they are signs of possible attic ventilation issues or water intrusion. Check the area around for missing shingles and punctures in the roof. You also need to check the age and condition of shingles. As shingles get old, they become thin. It is a good idea to check all penetrations in the roof such as plumbing vents, dryer, and fan.

Clear and Clean Your Downspouts and Gutters

Start by getting rid of debris from the gutters. Remember to use gloves. You should start with the highest gutters. It is advisable to throw the debris on the ground rather than putting it in a bag for safety reasons. After removing the big stuff by hand, you can flush out the small debris with water.